I have collected Antique Bears and my favorite Artist Bears for over 20 years.  Learning how to identify the very old original Bears is a true passion. Sometimes the true identity can only be figured out by holding it and studying the materials used inside and out. Just two years ago I began making my own bears. I fell in love with the worn posture and imperfections that gave each Antique Bear it's own character; that only many years of being played with, hugged and loved, year after year could create.  I figured out that to achieve this "Well Loved and Hugged" appearance, could only come from using the same materials that the first Bear Manufacturers used.  The stuffing used at that time was excelsior, or also known as (wood wool) and other all natural materials, kapok, wool and even wood shavings. Using wood wool is very messy and has shown with the old bears, after time it does break down and figures change. I vowed that I would not use Polyester Fiberfill. It has many negative impacts on the environment and I want to say that my Bears are 100% Natural. 

That weekend, my husband and I went shopping for a new mattress. We came upon a bed made by an English company that stated their, mattresses started on a farm. They are handmade using all natural fillings along with  special varieties of wool. This caught my attention and at the foot of the bed was a clear box displaying all of their natural materials they used. I opened it up and picked up an incredible material called, ecoshiv, made from spun hemp and flax.  I went home and wrote an email to the owner of Harrison Spinks; explaining how much I would love to use his ecoshiv in my Teddy Bears. As well as, introduce it to other fellow Artists that might like an all natural alternative in making their creations as well. Just a few days later a big box of ecoshiv arrived. Now I can make 100% all natural TeddyBears.

I hope my Teddy Bears, will take you back in time, and give you a Hug that feels like one from the bears from 100 years ago. Many memories just might come back, and many new ones I am sure will be made.  

Thank you Simon Spinks, for allowing me to share your award winning ecoshiv with my market and others who want to make the enviornment better one Bear at a time using ecoshiv instead of Polyester Fiberfill.