This charming Bear, could be named, no other than Adam. He is the first Bear that is completely stuffed with ecoshiv.  I used the spun hemp and flax ecoshiv, that is unique in the way you can pack it very tight for a hard feel without using as much product than you would use with polyester fiberfill. For his tummy I used a version of ecoshiv that is mixed with the wool grown on the family farm of Harrison and Spinks. It gave him the soft huggable feel of a well loved Bear.  Adam stands 11 inches tall. His blue mohair is hand dyed and a natural red  from very soft Helmbold mohiar.  A sculpted muzzle that is aged and distressed shows off his embroidered nose and mouth.  His Antique Leather Boot button eyes have been scuffed just a bit to give them a sparkle. 

 Adam taught me how economical using ecoshiv is as a natural stuffing in areas where it must be very sturdy. You can see the comparison tests that I did using Polyfill, Wood Wool and econshiv.

 Harrison Spinks is also very proud of their work in saving a breed of sheep from extinction called, Wensleydale. They are known for their long wool that is a highly graded wool and very soft.  They make a version of ecoshiv and wool. This is soft and fluffy and this is what gives Adam his well loved and huggable feel. A Bear that feels well beyond his years.