Mr. Harrison Spinks

This Lovely Bear I would have to say has been my Ambassador. I made him as the namesake for Harrison Spinks. He is 18" tall and made out of 25mm thick curly Helmold mohair. His eyes are a hand blown glass dark amber with black pupils. The paws are a lovely 1930's cotton brown velvet. His nose and claws are embroidered. He is stuffed completely with ecoshiv and wool. I added 2 lbs of steel shot to make quite the impression when picked up and to hold a pose. Mr. Harrison has a very loud 1950's growler so he will be heard. He was given a wonderful tour of the Hemp and Flax fields when they were cut. He saw the lovely Hornington Manor and it's farm. He loved meeting the wonderful people who have helped my dream of making all natural Teddy Bears come true; and the opportunity to share ecoshiv with other Artists who would like to help our lovely planet be free of Polyester Fiberfill.